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The Seeks Series is a comic project in collaboration with the Friends Committee on National Legislation (a Quaker Lobby in Washington, DC).

The first issue shows the process of a young person engaging with their representative's office on the issue of climate justice.

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The Amazing Adventures of the Afterbirth of Jesus is a collaboration with author Peterson Toscano.

The book follows the untold story of Hagar, the Holy Placenta, who shares a womb with Jesus Christ, offering an absurd yet profound meditation on power, privilege, family, humanity, unity, and divinity.

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I'm Feelings My Feelings was first printed in 2015 and is being produced in a 2nd edition in Spring 2021. The new edition features mostly new creatures, while following the same mission: to offer reminders of the human-ness in every creature, and the creature-ness in every human. The creatures in the book are genderless.

Feelings 2.0 cover copy.jpg
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