"I'm Feeling My Feelings"

Coloring Book for Humans

(2nd Edition)

I'm Feelings My Feelings was first printed in 2015 and is being produced in a 2nd edition in Spring 2021. The new edition features mostly new creatures, while following the same mission: to offer reminders of the human-ness in every creature, and the creature-ness in every human. The creatures in the book are genderless.

The book is made up of thirty 8.5x11" one-sided pages that tear away from the binding so you can easily tape a feeling to your mirror or send one to a friend.

30 pages of genderless creatures,

feeling their feelings!

This coloring book is for all humans.

Books are being printed in New Orleans, LA

and will ship in early May.

1 Coloring book

2 Coloring books

5 Coloring books

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Feel your feelings–

that's what feelings are for.

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