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The human experience is as vast as its common element— our singular earth.

Naked Planets questions the distinction between planet
and creature, obscuring the differences between them, while exposing the contrasting resilience and vulnerability of both.  It wants to play with the intersection of the familiar and the unknown in the context of relationships between earthly and celestial bodies.

This work was originally created in May 2016, before suffering a destructive fire which destroyed or damaged most of the pieces along with the artist’s studio and a friend’s home. The pieces shown here are some of the work recovered from the fire.

APART FROM US  \  2016

These portraits blur the boundary between human and earth.  What if we could see ourselves in the rivers and mountains? What if we saw a landscape across our own faces?  What if each time we build something we honor what we’ve destroyed or changed in the process?

Apart From Us asks how we find our place in a world that pushes us to adapt to constant change while also holding space for our roots, contrasting old and new, and forging a sustainable future built on an unsustainable recent history. These figures are looking for hope within a system that increasingly separates us from the very thing that built us.


This series sings about humans in their stardust-bodies, feeling their feelings, and remembering that we're all connected. Very much an exercise in play, color, movement, and exchange, these paintings and mixed media pieces explore the human connection beyond the earth and into the universe and the unknown.

FLUENCE  \  2018

This series was created during a residency with the Yards Collective (Rochester, NY). It is the first body of work I've created using my own paints, made from natural pigments.

I also built the canvases from found and recycled materials. I'm really looking forward to experimenting more with methods and materials to create work through a more sustainable process.

A continuation of work that draws on interconnection and relationship, these portraits build on themes from past series to explore our weird human-ness.

FIGMENTS  \  2019

(Temporary title)

The first image for this series came to me in a daydream, a face whose vision is obstructed (or compounded?) by creatures of the plant and insect worlds. This new sequence is in progress and will continue to grow, with the addition of more human interactions with parts of the earth.