(Naked Planets)

In May 2016, Joey spent a month in New Orleans making new work for a solo exhibit in Rochester, NY.  The series was called Naked Planets, consisting of drawings of figures on maps, cut into circles on plaster backs.

The work plays with the intersection of the familiar and the unknown in the context of relationships between earthly and celestial bodies. Joey finished this series as a resident artist at Aquarium Gallery and Studios.

On the last day of her residency, the building where she was making this work (which held about six studio spaces and two apartments) suffered a terrible fire, destroying the studio space and damaging irreplaceable artwork of all the artists there. A few hours later, Joey decided to make all new work to show in Rochester-- a show called "re/cover".

Right before leaving New Orleans the next day, one of the artists surprised Joey with several salvaged pieces from Naked Planets, which she then hung opposite the new work at the gallery in Rochester on June 5.

Below are the "bones" of Naked Planets, followed by the portraits painted for re/cover.

This work is showing at the Art & Music Library Gallery at the University of Rochester (in Rush Rhees Library) through August 8, 2016.

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This work is a reflection of a storm of experiences. The artist woke up on June 1, 2016 to a month's worth of work destroyed. Part of "re/cover" is her response to a need to make something out of loss-- the whole exhibit is a story of connection, destruction, vulnerability, resilience, impermanence, and the importance of seeing each other.

Read the whole story of how Naked Planets became re/cover on the blog.

This show is dedicated to Jacob Martin, Ursa Eyer, Sadie Sheldon, Jenna Bonistalli, Maddie Stradt, Logan Ledford, and other artists and individuals connected to the Aquarium Gallery.
Many thanks to Hannah Sadtler, Lauren Blair, Alex Kriegsmann, Ursa Eyer, Sadie Sheldon, and Sam Sadtler.

Joey Hartmann-Dow