Support Journey's End Farm Camp
Scholarship Fund

Attending Journey's End Farm Camp as a child genuinely affected how I learned to interact with the world and its creatures, which I think is pretty clear in my work today! I would love to help raise money for the scholarship fund so that kids can get their grow on at this incredible place where we can play, work, learn, build, eat and shine together. It was a gift to go as a camper, and to work there as a young adult.

To encourage your help, I'm offering this 9-pack of FARM CREATURE CARDS for $30, which includes envelopes and shipping. 100% goes to the Scholarship Fund. The set is neatly packaged and would make a lovely gift.

Click to donate below:

My goal is to sell 20 of these packs so I can donate at least $600 to the fund, and if I make it to $600 I will donate $100 of my own.

Even if you can't donate, please share to help spread the word. Thank you!

You can learn more about the camp here, and if you don't need any weird cards, you can donate directly here.


Some photos I took at camp in 2010:

chicken yard.jpg
girls bunk.jpg