A country is an idea. It’s land, people, and a symbol. If countries were creatures with needs and emotions, wouldn’t they work together to keep their house a home? As the world changes, becomes hotter and more dangerous, forgotten countries become more vulnerable.

Our planet has been patient, but it’s fragile—there are only so many chances to build relationships and strengthen connections. Political borders are only visible on maps; what’s more significant now are the lines we’ve crossed as a human community. Countries Anonymous attempts to show the vulnerability of societies specifically threatened by the risks associated with climate change.

The GAIN Index, a project of the Global Adaption Institute (GAIN), summarizes a country’s vulnerability to climate change and other global challenges on one hand and its readiness to improve resilience on the other hand. It aims to help businesses and the public sector better prioritize investments for a more efficient response to immediate global challenges ahead. (

Thirty-six countries are ranked below 50.0 out of 100, most of which are in Africa, represented in this show, without association, as undefined, vulnerable creatures. We face the future as individuals, as smaller communities and as a planet. (Project is based on 2012 data)

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