Prints & Art that benefit special causes or movements



With deep intentionality, my friend Hannah and I had decided to go out to Standing Rock to support and show solidarity with the Water Protectors against the Dakota Access Pipeline. However, after December 6, considering responses from our contacts on the ground, we recognized that sending the money we raised is a more effective action than using our resources to drive out there right now.

This series of prints still benefits the movement and we are researching the best place to send our funds.

You can order prints online here, or you can get them from me in person in Philadelphia.


On June 1, 2016, The Aquarium Gallery & Studios burned down, destroying irreplaceable memories and works of art, as well as studio space, equipment, and the home of several who lived there. My brief time as artist in residence here had a huge impact on me. My friend Jacob will be rebuilding (and paying for rebuilding) this special place for years and I hope to contribute however I can.

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More coming soon.


The Pharmacy Coffee Shop

The Pharmacy is a rad coffee shop / art gallery / performance venue in Point Breeze, Philadelphia. Over the years they've provided affordable yummy noms and awesome space for creative folk, and now they are facing crazy fees and need some help to keep their doors open. (More info on their page)

Also, there is a dog, Sharky, who hangs out at the shop and he's got weird feet and bug-eyes. He is a little dreamboat and here's a drawing I did of him.

I've got 11x14" Sharky prints for your donation of $25 (includes shipping)
and packs of 12 Sharky postcards for your donation of $30 (includes shipping)

Would make great gifts! If you love local community, Philly art & music, and doggos, please consider helping out.

TO RECEIVE A PRINT or POSTCARDS please send via PayPal to and be sure to send your shipping info to the same email address.

(PHILADELPHIANS: I will be back in Philly in June and it will be much easier to get a print from me then.. meanwhile, I'm happy to send it to you)

You can also give directly to their campaign here.