Money Seeds, Part 1

So it's true, I lost my laptop in the fire. It was a new Macbook Air that I bought from the Apple Store in September (ouch). I took it into the store and they told me "this machine has no value". I am currently looking for a used Macbook in great condition because I can't really fathom dropping another $1000 on a new computer right now.. but even so, I'm looking at several hundred dollars to replace it.

UPDATE: WOW-- my incredible friend who is like an extra mom to me surprise sent me a brand new Macbook Air! I'm speechless! Thank you everyone for your support :) Any proceeds from this sale now will go to replacing software, other art supplies, and funding a flight to get me back to New Orleans to pick up some pieces I left behind (of my heart, surviving art studio bits, etc). I can't say thank you enough. <3

Oh-- hello there!

Yes-- IT'S TRUE! You can help! And to help you help me, I'm having a sale. Everything in my store is 20% off with the code KEEPGOING, which you are invited to use wildly.

I confess, I put quite a bit of money as well as time and love/work into the show that got damaged, and honestly even though the resulting exhibition is pretty cool-- the fragile paper that remains probably won't "sell". So here I am, looking for money seeds to get me back on track with studio supplies and financial stability, including a laptop.

I'm not setting up a fundraiser through a separate site for various reasons, so if you could take the extra step to share this online, that would really help me out :) Now is also a really good time to buy prints because the store is getting a makeover soon, and some prints will be discontinued.

The "Keep Going" Sale is Part 1! Locals, look out for Part 2, coming soon, which will be a party at my Philly studio, once I get it cleaned up.. featuring tons of discounted prints, cards, coloring books etc, as well as super marked down original pieces-- a real clearance-- I mean, clarity sale, which I'm calling my Clarity Art Relief. Stay real tuned!

And again (again again!) THANK YOU everyone, I love your hearts.

-- Joey


P.S. I would really like to trade you my art in exchange for your generous gift, but in case you hate art and still really want to invest in my work, there is a Donate button below.