A Proper Fundraiser

 I guess getting an incredible gift at 11pm makes me look like an emotional baby rat

I guess getting an incredible gift at 11pm makes me look like an emotional baby rat

First of all-- I want to acknowledge an INCREDIBLE surprise gift I received-- a brand new Macbook Air from my friend Dianna! It came with a note that said "Every starving artist needs a benefactor. Enjoy!! Go forth and do art!!!!!" I won't let you down, Dianna! I'm so moved by this act of kindness and generosity.


This takes a huge chunk out of the fundraising I was doing to replace supplies, and is a giant relief to me.

At this point I am now looking to raise $500 to get back on track, which will pay for:

• my replacement high res camera for documenting my work (which I use to make prints)
• replacement software for my new laptop (!)
• various small supplies that were lost/destroyed

Any extra funds will go to:
• renters insurance! (just in case, for the future)
• a flight back to New Orleans, where I hope to get some closure on my disorienting last 24 hours there, to properly thank friends there for their support, and mostly to help in any way I physically can with rebuilding the Aquarium




AND because this is a proper fundraiser, despite not being on a proper fundraising platform, here is the graphic you all want to see:

I'm on my way! Currently 22% funded. Thank you!

Also in proper fundraising form, there is a deadline, which happens to coincide with when my rent is due (since I have already paid out of pocket for some of these things) July 1.

9 days left!

Please take art from me, 20% off with the code KEEPGOING (apply at checkout).
And again, if you don't want art cluttering up your walls and still want to support my goal, you can use the Donate button below.

Finally, if anyone understands the feeling of wanting to support someone but not having money to spare, it's me! Sharing this on your internetworks is supportive too!

Thank you, big-hearted humans!