New Work: From June Residency at the Yards

 The 4 artists of the June 2018 Yards Residency

The 4 artists of the June 2018 Yards Residency


I can't conceive it, and I won't try. All I know is these are my last few dreamy days in Rochester, NY for awhile, and I'm on to dreamy days in other places very soon.

This post is chock full of images! New work, all made during my residency at the Yards Collective. These pieces are for sale and I encourage you to consider having one for your space because they are pretty special.

During my time at the Yards I continued working with maps to explore themes of relationship between humans and the earth, as well as relationships with each other. I want to celebrate human vulnerability and power through portraits, while trying to obscure human constructs that separate us, like gender and race-- and simultaneously connect humans to the earth
(which we are a part of, and is a part of us).

I'm especially excited about the experimental aspect of this series-- this was the first time I used paints that I made myself from pigments that I got from Natural Earth Paints. Most of the pieces are also mounted on canvases that I made out of salvaged materials (reused wood, Goodwill sheets, TriArt "Sludge" gesso). I'm excited to be exploring ways to better align my practice with my content, specifically by reducing my impact by being intentional about the materials I use to create art.

 Base (NFS)

Base (NFS)

That said, there was a lot of experimentation in this series which resulted in some imperfections! So I have discounted the prices of these pieces accordingly.

I hope you get something out of this work-- as you may know I'm a nomad and would love not to carry these with me to my next place, so if they give you a feeling, don't be afraid to invite these into your home. If you are interested in having an original, please reach out to me ( and I will get you the details. (If you order one this week (by Friday 7/14) I will ship it to you FOR FREE!)


P.S. There are also prints of many of these pieces available in the online store.