2017 Feelings. Also SUMMER SALE

We knew 2017 would be rough.. and here we are, feeling our feelings. My heart goes out to all my fellow humans.

I see you my friends of color, my trans friends, my queer friends, my Muslim friends, my immigrant friends, my Jewish friends, my friends with the system stacked against them, my scared friends, my angry friends. I see you and your feelings are valid. And I see you, humans who hold a very different truth than my own.

In the face of so much despair (is this word getting tired in the past year or so?), I hope you are taking care of yourself, and reaching out for support-- and receiving it !

This is a good time for me to have a little sale in my store because the summer can be slow for an artist.. but I'm glad it's also a good time for you to treat yourself. Now through Saturday at Noon (EST) everything at usandweart.com/store is 17% off with the code KEEPGOING. Tell your friends!

I love you. Stay human <3