Life in the Moon Bounce

Hey Humans!

Well, I spent March through May in New Orleans (swoon) and now I'm in Philadelphia (swoon) and I'm generally bouncing around in a swoon-bubble, feeling very grateful and good most of the time.

Here are couple new pieces I made my last few weeks in New Orleans:

Oh also, Annie Lou and I went on a Space Travel Tour of the Southwest. We flew to San Diego (where we rented a car), made a small pilgrimage to Salvation Mountain, tried to get to the Grand Canyon a bunch of times, got to the Grand Canyon, ran aground to sleep by a Power Plant, soaked in some mysterious Arizona hot springs, swapped out our rental in Albuquerque, discovered the tiniest cutest town in all of New Mexico (it's Madrid, NM), soaked in some brilliant mind-play at Meow Wolf, drove through nighttime Texas, drove through daytime Texas, bounced through Austin, and back to New Orleans. In approximately 12 days.

And along the way we made and sent sweet handmade postcards. (See more photos)

What's Next?

Well I've got two shows coming up in Philly this fall (details soon), and I'm excited to say I'll be a part of Artist Row in Rocheser, NY in September!

I've also been setting up a work space in my basement and adjusting back to an in-home studio which is a fun project, and we'll see how that goes..

When am I going back to New Orleans, you say? Who knows!! The future is unknown in the moon bounce!

As always I love and appreciate you and celebrate your support.