Sorry I haven't posted about my incredible life in New Orleans lately, but anyway, starting May 17, Annie Lou and I are going on an epic roadtrip like this:


We're flying out to San Diego, renting a car and driving back through the Grand Canyon, Sante Fe, Austin, and exploring space and time in between, slinging art and singing songs along the way. Pretty rad, right?

Anyway renting a car for two weeks is a financial adventure in itself so we're inviting you to send us $$ and we'll send you sweet surprise handmade postcards from the road! WOW.

Want to join in the fun? Just send us anything ($5-$5,000) via this money-absorbing portal and you won't regret it! Gosh.

(You can also send money via Venmo @usandweart or PayPal, just be sure to send me your mailing address!)

ALSO-- do you have connections in any of these places? Is there a cool art market or store where our art should be? We've got cool art for rad hosts too.

Hope to hear from your bank account soon! ♥

Your snarky friends,
Joey & Annie

P.S. in case you missed it, click here.