The Year of the Chicken

Well at least 2017 is going quickly (no? just me?)

Apparently it's the year of the Rooster according to Chinese Zodiac (it says rooster everywhere but I looked it up and it's rooster/chicken) which is appropriate because it seems like humans as a group are in perpetual need of a wake up call, and also we seem like bug-eyed flightless weirdos (no? just me?).

Anyway. I wanted to officially report that 2 reprints later, I am completely sold out of Badass Women Calendars. FOR REAL this time. NO MORE.

OK, I'm completely out but I happen to know there is a very small number in two other locations:

As of right now, you can find approximately 2 of the last of the calendars in Bethlehem, PA, and approximately 3 of the last of the calendars at my friend Annie Lou's studio in New Orleans, LA. Contact me if you're in one of those places and want to connect to the "retail" for these, but they cannot be shipped. (Annie Lou also makes hilarious Snarky Hearts, check it out:


Oh. My. Lorde.

I don't even know how to address this-- it feels like a big deal. I printed 400+ of those calendars and I couldn't believe how much support and celebration they received. So wonderful. It really made me feel great!

I've also been reflecting a LOT on capitalism because this project was so successful that I've got some financial stability to show for it.

And that's weird.. I mean, it's not the norm for me. And I've noticed that yeah, I've been spending more money. Because, like, I have it. And it's pretty cool-- like I don't have to think twice about going to a friend's show with a cover, and I can give a little to organizations I want to support, and I got my BIKE FIXED which has been a pretty important need I've been putting off for like 3 years.. I feel privileged a lot of the time, but lately I've felt especially grateful to actually be able to put money back into my community, via the local bike shop, local artists, local co-op, etc. YES. So, thank you for that too.

The other thing I will almost report is that for the last year plus, I have been working on illustrating a very weird, wonderful project by Peterson Toscano, and it is going to print this week. Stay tuned because it is quite literally like nothing you've ever seen.

Oh, and ALSO, if you haven't heard, I'm going back to New Orleans for 3 months (!) and I'm leaving in a week (!!) AND I'm having a house show on Friday where I will be selling lots of clearance art, and I will also be playing songs that I wrote, in front of people (!!?!) so that's gonna be weird. BUT don't worry there are two other musicians playing and they are actually professional and amazing.


People have asked me, "What will you be doing in New Orleans?"

Well I don't know. How could I possibly know? The future is so uncertain!

..But mostly I'll be making art, selling art, helping out at the Aquarium Studios 2.0, maybe exploring my songwriter side a little more, and in general biking around City Park, eating vegan goodies, meeting bright souls, and soaking up the magic of New Orleans.

Who knows, though right?