Adventures in the near future!

Things that are coming up!

This Saturday I have 4 pieces in Independent Rock's Affordable Art Show, and the next day Sunday 4/24 I'll be selling prints, cards, coloring books and more at the Portside Community Arts Festival-- which if you don't go to see me at least go for the Philly Puff Inflatable Sculptures (!!).

But the BIG thing is the Climate Disrupted show on 4/30-- this is the first show I've curated and I'm so happy and grateful to be able to bring together my creative work and my climate work for this event, which is also secretly my birthday party, AND there will be ice cream from Little Baby's-- so you should definitely come (they'll be there 6-8pm so come early!)


April 30-- Isn't that the same day as the Go West! Craft Fest? You're right-- and I will be busy setting up the Climate Disrupted show that day but you can still find my work at the Fest in the Woodlands from 11-5pm, thanks to the kind generosity of my dear supportive friend the one and only CJF. And you might catch me there on the early side so come say hi!

Then my friends, then I am feeding my new addiction to the city of New Orleans by spending a month there making art for two exciting upcoming shows, and soaking up all the NOLA I can before I can get another fix.

Two exciting upcoming shows! One is in Rochester, NY, another one of my favorite cities, in June, and the other is at Pendle Hill in Wallingford, PA in August. I've got a lot of work ahead of me and I'm so jazzed (Jazzed! Get it? I'm going to New Orleans). More about those soon!


Here's a sneak peak at some new work-- I'm getting back at my maps and it feels great.

See you at a thing soon!