In case you want some thought-food

This quote struck me.



"We live in a sea of information,
a web of interconnection,
a field of what some Buddhists call inter-being —
a dynamic state of interactive, resonant existential communion.

There are universal patterns, powers and wisdom
at the core of our being, and the universe vibrates
with our every act and thought.

What happens in one place and time is linked to everything else
far more intimately than we could ever imagine.
Synchronicities and analogs abound.
Certain patterns keep cropping up:

We see BRANCHES in trees, rivers, roads,
fields of study, computer circuitry.
We see CYCLES in planets, electrons, food chains,
wheels, the flows of water and carbon
through the biosphere,
and the recycling bin.

It is no accident that we use the word VISION
to describe perception, imagination, insight and prediction.
Patterns like these (branches, cycles, vision, etc.)
are alive with useful meaning.

At every level, the universe is rich with lessons and resonances
as it in-forms itself, intimately co-being and co-evolving,
learning and remembering.

Intelligence is everywhere.

There is information and wisdom here we can tap into.
There are flows and textures and energies,
resistences and assistances,
that we can join and follow,
or grow stronger and wiser wrestling with."


-Albert Einstein, The World As I See It