Thoughts on this New Work, etc.

I did something different. I drew and painted (mostly) hands on windows. I didn't use maps-- I think this is OK. This work is informed by maps regardless. I'm asking questions about how we reach each other and ourselves.

Also hands are a PAIN to make.

Process: The first of these that I made was the face, just acrylic on glass. Then I started making the hands; I drew them in sharpie first, then painted, then more sharpie, then flipped it over. You're seeing the reverse of my process, what you see are the layers I painted first (from the other side). Then I went back to the face and added sharpie. "Ways to let go" is my favorite.

Also, I love the dynamics of these pieces in the context of light-- check out the shadows. (These were hard to photograph)

I think I might make more of these.

Let's get hungry for each other's wholeness

The depths of division

I tried to shift my vision between states of consciousness
Now I'm nauseous

Ways to let go

They raised us.