Here's the News

First News:   O P E N   S T U D I O   /   1 S T   A R T   R E L I E F

I'm not actually sure what inspired the idea of Art Relief, but I'm pretty into and am hoping to have lots of them, whatever they are. The first one doubles as my Studio Warming Celebration / Art-Investment Encouragement Shindig.

Friday September 18:

Details: Alter St. Studios are located at 2202 Alter St (Point Breeze).
Enter through the badass medieval door. My studio (my studio!) is on the 3rd floor. (Sorry, there is no elevator)

• • •

Second News:   G O   W E S T !  C R A F T   F E S T

If you haven't been to a Go West Craft Fest yet, I don't know what you're thinking! It's really quite excellent.
I'll also happen to be there, selling my wares.

Saturday September 19:

• • •

Third News:  N E W   I T E M

I'm making earrings out of maps and they are available in the shop, as well as at Go West ^^
I'm pretty sure they are quite rad.

(Ears not for sale)

Hopefully I will see you at a thing soon.