Terra Exspira

In two weeks I have a show opening at Repair the World and it's all new work and you should come!

us and we art terra exspira

Terra Exspira 

As humans push each other between our desires to sustain and protect our home, and our desires to keep the comforts of consumerism in our increasingly complicated lives, we are watched by the ghosts of a patient earth. What does the battle look like to the land, water, and creatures that hold us up?

Artist Joey Hartmann-Dow (Us & We Art) brings these Earth Haunts into our own space, asking us how we would act differently if we were being watched by the rivers and forests instead of Google and Facebook. Terra Exspira gives breath to the forgotten witnesses to our actions.

The opening reception is 6-8pm on Friday, June 26, at Repair the World 4029 Market St., Philadelphia. The show will run through September.