"I'm Feeling My Feelings" Coloring Book

On Monday I launched an Indiegogo campaign for my coloring book, and now 2 days later it's more than half funded! Thank you so much for the support from friends, acquaintances, and strangers. I'm so glad to fill the void that was wanting a genderless raceless coloring book of creatures. HERE IT IS, in time for the special days at the end of the year that many people celebrate.

The book has 30 unique drawings that can be easily torn out, becoming instant personalized art prints. WHAT A GREAT GIFT. Each book is $20, and you can find deals on the site for multiple books, so send your mom this link to make sure you get one for the holidays: www.igg.me/at/feelingmyfeelings

I'm so proud to be printing this book locally at a small business in Philadelphia. Support local artists and local businesses!

I also just made a very quick video (a little corny, I know...) with a little bit about the project, so take a peek, and please share!