Why does my art look different?

Oh, it's because I'm growing as an artist.

About three or four weeks ago I spat out some quick paintings in my sketchbook, using a lot more paint than usual, and bigger brushes, instead of my watercolor-esque style.. And I loved it! This is the kind of painting I like to look at, why wasn't I doing it?

I was also mostly making unfinished-looking portraits of humans that look like humans, instead of uncategorized creatures.

Then I threw a human face on a map, and I didn't stop.


Now I've been looking at what I've made and making some observations as if I was looking at someone else's art.

• It seems like I'm still trying to illustrate humans without very obvious race or gender (for most of them), but definitely human

• The color palette alludes to the earth, as well as alien.. And also kind of makes the subjects look sick/unwell

• Maybe a sense of "something coming"

• It's a little hard to tell in some of these photos, but part of the "distressed" look of the darker paint (using a palette knife) also created a series of spots that kind if look like stars in the universe.

Which I love, by the way.

So there you go. I'm growing as an artist, and my work reflects it, which feels really good. Thank you so much to my incredible support network for helping me grow.